Everyone else has millions of hand me downs. He has 2 pairs of jeans,1 black, 1 blue, 3 pairs of jean shorts, and 2 pairs of Dockers. About 8 shirts and 2 nice shirts. He he would ever slow down his growth spurt I might get three pairs of jeans. I homeschool them so they dont see the same kids everyday. My 9 yo has about 6 pairs of shorts and wears the 3 denim ones over and over. Sometimes I will forget to watch them so he has to wear a different pair….grin.

I have three girls, ages 7, 5, and 2. I get a lot of hand me downs from my sister who has a 10 yr old girl. By the time my 2 year old gets the clothes, they are worn out. So, I’ve been getting more (probably not really spending more, but she’s getting more clothes, they are just not as expensive) for her than the other two.

I take everything I have and see what each child needs – usually my older needs more than the middle child, who rarely needs anything, but does get a few new things for Christmas and Birthdays that are purple since she insists on wearing purple every day. Then I make out a list of what we need to make a complete wardrobe for the new school year.

We do 90% shirts and jeans or jean shorts so it’s easier to match, but some of the hand me downs are printed shorts or sets and it makes it hard to use those. My dad gives me $100 per child for school clothes each summer (he thinks that makes him the worlds greatest grandpa when actually they would really just like to spend time with him – they don’t see him except for maybe an hour every month or two.

When my mom was alive we saw them every day, his new wife doesn’t want to do the grandkid thing with kids that aren’t hers apparently – sorry, I’m a little bitter). I actually spend some of it on me and dh, and spend about $150 on all three getting the fill in stuff.