My family room is clean and organized- i threw out 3 bags of stuff ( none in good enough shape to donate or i would have ) etc I even have extra space left on the shelves that I use for toys etc – I used bins from the $ store to sort things into trains- blocks – Barbies, etc., etc and I just hope that I can persuade the kids to use them to LOL!!

Of course my most recent method of teaching them to do it right the first time has worked out well with their dressers

If ya shove the clothes in any old way when Mom cks it SHE doesn’t fix it – SHE dumps every drawer in the middle of the floor and ya get to start all over LOL!!! should work with the toys too once they see i mean bussiness LOL!!

I do feel so relieved that this is done – i have been wanting to do it the last month but kept putting it off- next in line – the attic ( AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)