Mine are DD12, DS9 and DS9 and 11 1/2 months. I want them to have enough so as not to be teased yet not have so much that they do not wear them and end up tossing them. We do not have people of near ages to do the hand me down thing except that DS9 -11 1/2 is smaller than DS9 and gets his yonger brothers hand me downs if they are good enough.

I am thinking 3 pr. of jeans and 5 tops for each of them. I usually let each of them pick out $50 worth of clothing and I buy the underthings , coats and shoes.

Thank you.

I bought my older daughter 5 pairs of shorts – 3 jean, 2 kahki and 5 solid color shirts, she also had 2 other shirts received as birthday. I also just bought her 2 more shirts because they were on sale at Target. She also has a brownie uniform she wears once a week (actually two uniforms, but one was bought with cookie credits since she sold so many cookies). And she gets t-shirts for different things, Day camp, resident camp, dance recital, etc that are actually worn more than the other ones!

We also need dresses for church – I usually buy those at a resale shop – They each have 3-4 so it doesn’t look like they are wearing the same dress every week. I only get fancy hand me down dresses since my niece is a tomboy and she gets one dress a year for all dressy dressy occasions – these are usually too dressy for every day church wear (our church is actually fairly casual, I’ve seen adults in shorts and I wear pants, but I work in the nursery and am on the floor – but the group of girls my daughter’s hang out with dress up and I don’t want them to feel underdressed, so they wear decent dresses, some nicer than others, but they never look under or over dressed) I have never bought blue jean pants – I get TONS (we probably have 10 pair in each size) that were handed down.

If I was buying though, 3 would be plenty. My rule on things that look the same- buy 3 – one being worn, one in the laundry, one clean in the drawers. (sheets, towels, etc are the same way. Undershirts too since it’s hot here and aren’t needed that much). Socks and underwear are a two week supply (usually two packages, so that can translate anywhere from 10-14 depending on the brand) since they go missing so often (usually under the bed, in the car (socks, not the underwear!).