Hi Everyone, I usually lurk but wanted to get some advice. DH got out of the military on a single parent hardship. We were dating at the time and married shortly after. He went down to sign up for the reserves and came home and announced he is going active duty Air Force (he was Army before). Since I’ve been on this list I’ve paid off all bills except our car and our mobile home.

We bought a chest freezer and its PACKED. The pantry is full. We are looking at moving in Oct. (Don’t know where yet) We are in the middle of adopting a baby from China (next April?). So I put away $900 a month for the adoption. I’ve been paying double on the car and mobile home. We owe about $6000 on each.

My question is should I keep paying double? Just pay the minimum until we move. We will sell the mobile home. Plan on taking the car with us and then after it’s paid off save up enough for a mini-van. We had planned on selling our mobile home and then buying a house. Now we will be in base housing and am not sure if we should put the money from the mobile home in a savings account, try to invest it?

Any suggestions??

And I thought I’d share my frugal wedding. We bought Bride and Groom T-Shirts, drove to Vegas and got married at the drive through window for $25. We gambled $8. Took food in a cooler and ate it in our room. I had torn my Achilles tendon a couple days before the wedding so DH had to wheel me around Vegas. We caught the free shows in the casino. With hotel, gas etc it came to under $300. My rings are diamonique from QVC. Everyone thinks they are real. My mother had a fit saying we would be in debt forever after seeing my rings.

I’ve never said a word…lol