My wedding was not as frugal as I would like. Some of the frugal aspects of the wedding were a beautiful chapel [$50], the reception hall [$50], tuxes [this one was interesting–got the cheapest pair of tales the tux place had and added a patterned vest to it for $3.00–hey, who says classy has to be expensive], silk flowers [$40] and videographer [He asked $15.00 but my MIL paid $40–hey, he was worth it!].

Now my inlaws vetoed me on some points [but they were also the ones writing the checks]. The wedding had a professional photographer [$1,000] and catered reception [$1,500]. Plus the wedding dress and bridesmades gowns were about $1,000.

We ended up spending more on the honeymoon then originally planned; however, we received a cash wedding gift that was given with the stipulation that we use it for our honeymoon [even though I wouldn’t have spent that much money on the honeymoon normally, I believe in honoring the intention of the giver whenever possible].